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Access to my Delegate Site

On the right-hand side of the website you can find the LOGIN button. When you click on it, you will be entering Conference Delegate Site’s homepage.

If you have not registered yet, please click on the REGISTER button and fill in the information requested. You will receive a welcome e-mail with your user code (5 or 6-digit code) and password. If you do not receive this email in a few minutes, check the Spam folder.

If you are already registered, please enter your user code and password, click on ACCESS and then CONTINUE.

Have you forgotten your password? First of all, check your welcome email to retrieve the details. If you cannot find it, contact the Technical Secretariat at info.congreso(at) to retrieve your user code and password, or generate a new password by clicking on the link "Have you forgotten your login details?".

* Do not forget that if you are a member of AIBR, your member login details (at will NOT be valid to enter the Delegate Site. Besides, the user code (5 or 6-digit code) assigned to you in previous editions of the AIBR Conference will not work to register for Mexico City. It is mandatory to register again, but you can reuse your previous password if it is more convenient for you.

What will I find in my Delegate Site?

In the DESKTOP of your Conference Delegate Site you can find the most recent news and messages from the AIBR Conference Organization, as well as the most useful buttons to process your registration, send your proposals, or see and download your invoices or certificates.

The AIBR Conference Organization is committed to digital communication. Therefore, the vast majority of our communication, processes and files will be managed from your personal site.

If you have questions or problems to access, send or download documents, or view your Area or e-mails, please contact us here. At the Technical Secretariat we will be more than happy to help you.

Submitting a proposal

All proposals will be sent by submitting a proposal submission form through the Delegate Site. Pproposals sent via email or other means will not be considered under any circumstances.

The Organization of the AIBR Conference invites you to send your proposals as soon as possible.

Viewing results from the review by Scientific Committee

The result of the evaluation of all proposals will be available in your Conference Delegate Site around February 24th, 2023.

To see the results of your evaluation(s), please go to your Desktop, click on MY PROPOSALS, and then on the Symbol (+). You will see the result of your evaluation in the section "Commitee Evaluation", below the details of the proposal you submitted.

My proposal has been accepted, can I get an official letter of acceptance?

If your proposal was accepted by the Scientific Committee, your acceptance letter will be available for download on your Conference Delegate Site (in PDF format) a few days once you receive an email notifying that the evaluation of your proposal is available. You can access this letter from the Desktop, by clicking on MY CERTIFICATES.

Processing my registration through the Area

First of all, please read carefully the information regarding the types of registration, the registration fees and the supporting documentation required in each case in the Registration section of the AIBR Conference website.

To submit your registration form, click on the green button REGISTER that you will find on the Desktop of your Delegate site. Select the type of registration fee that corresponds, and the payment method of your preference (bank card, bank transfer or Paypal). Once you continue to the next page, you will be redirected to the chosen payment platform to finalize your payment.

If you choose the option 'Bank transfer' as your preferred payment method, the platform will not redirect you to any banking page. You must make the transfer through your own online banking platform (or bank branch, if preferred) using the bank details of AIBR indicated in the registration form. Once the payment has been made, please do not forget to send us the proof of payment to info.congreso(at)

If you have any problems throughout the registration process, please contact the Technical Secretariat.

Submit supporting documentation for my registration

We recommend that you send us the documentation via your Delegate Site, in PDF format (preferred).

You can send any supporting documentation from the left-hand side menu of your Conference Delegate site > Conference > Documentation.

I have processed my registration payment, but it does not show as PAID in the Delegate Site. What happened?

Please, note that the registration verification process is not automated. The Technical Secretariat will review your registration and the required supporting documentation (if applicable) as soon as possible.

We will contact you by e-mail to confirm that your registration has been successful or to notify that an incident has occurred if something is incomplete and it requires your attention.

Obtaining my registration invoice

The invoice for the registration payment will be available for download from your Conference Site once you receive the registration confirmation email in your inbox.

Remember that the details that will appear on the invoice will be those that you entered at the time of registration in the AIBR Conference. Note that if you do not enter a billing address, the system will consider your personal address as the billing address, and this will be included in your invoice by default.

You can access your invoice (in PDF format) through the Desktop > MY INVOICES.

My University or institution requires an invoice with its billing address. How can I obtain it?

The details that will appear on your invoice are those that you have indicated in the section "Billing Information" during your user registration. If you have not indicated any details in this section, by default the billing address that will appear in the invoice will be your personal address.

If you need an invoice with details different from the current ones, either for your institution, your University or for personal use, please update your billing information in the Conference Admin Area (left-hand side menu > Invoices> Billing details), and contact the Technical Secretariat at info.congreso(at) so we can update your information on the invoice document.

I need to know the date and time for the presentation of my proposal. Can I find it in my Conference Admin Area?

This information is not available in your Delegate Site. The Program for the 8th AIBR Conference, as well as the timetables for the panels, workshops, audiovisuals, posters, book presentations and other formats that conform it, will be publicly available on the AIBR Conference website.

My certificates in the AIBR Conference

All Conference delegates, whether they have participated as listeners or presenting a proposal, will receive a certificate of attendance. Delegates who have submitted proposals (panels, oral communications, audiovisuals, workshops, book presentations, posters, other formats) will also receive a certificate of participation.

Remember that the limit of proposals for each participant is four, either as author or co-author: two oral communications and two proposals in any of the other formats admitted in the Conference. Therefore, you can receive four certificates of participation at most.

The certificates of the AIBR Conference will be available only in digital format, and will not be delivered by hand under any circumstances.

Your certificate of participation (and presentation, when applicable) will be available in your Conference Delegate Site once the Conference is finished. The Technical Secretariat can take about 10 working days to formalize this. You will receive a notification e-mail when your certificates are ready to download, including instructions to facilitate the task.

I have sent a query or incidence to the Technical Secretariat. When will I receive a response?

If you have contacted us with an inquiry by e-mail, we will respond to you within 2-3 business days. We receive a large amount of e-mails with questions or incidences, and we like to answer them as soon as possible, within our possibilities.

If you have contacted us during the Conference, we will respond to your query or incident during the week after it closes. Besides, we will be happy to assist you in person at the Technical Secretariat during the Conference (the location will be indicated later on).

I have a suggestion for the next editions of the AIBR Conference. How can I send it to you?

We love to hear your opinion and improve the AIBR Conference in each annual edition. Once we have closed the Conference in Mexico City, you will receive an e-mail with a valuation form. There you can tell us what you liked most about our Conference and what would you like us to improve in the future.







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